sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2011

Babel X3D and the Artenautas Digitais

In October 20, 2011 as part of the educational, cultural and artistic project, "A Viagem do Artenauta" - Storytellers and Ponte de Lima Dr. Vítor Cardoso and Artur Coelho taught the workshop Babel X3D and the Artenautas Virtuais showing the Babel X3D site, demos of virtual worlds and how to create avatars in Avatar Studio. Forty students from Ponte de Lima's secondary school and their teachers gained first hand knowledge of VRML/X3D worlds and delighted themselves using Avatar Studio.

Digital exhibition Ponte de Lima Virtual

Dr. Vítor Cardoso presenting Babel X3D and virtual worlds

One of the participants taking her first steps in Avatar Studio

Ponte de Lima: a view of the bridge, enhaced by the experience of visiting the town's recreation
in VRML/X3D.

These initiatives are important to get the message out about the wonderful uses and possibilities of this technology. We hope the students involved had as much fun discovering VRML/X3D as we did working with them! The digital exhibition is still on display in the computer room of Ponte de Lima's municipal library.

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