quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2018

Europeana Learning Diary II

Survived the level 1 boss fight.

So, what is cultural heritage? My answer:

In this rapidly changing world, cultural heritage keeps us grounded in the amazing stream of ideas that characterizes humanity since it began to record its culture. Locally, it reminds us of our roots and the complext tapestry of values, history, literature, architecture, painting, music, society and landscape that shapes who we are. Globally, it's a bridge to interconnect cultures and people. Preserve the local, enjoy the global, and keep in mind that a truly healthy cultural heritage isn't static, keeps evolving, shapes and is shaped by the unending stream of time.

Loved this cool, concise definitions of cultural heritage.

An activity for the European Year of Cultural Heritage:

Well, I love 3D modeling and printing, and teach that to my pupils. Architecture is an amazing 3d modeling theme, and a very cool way to explore that area of cultural heritage. Going beyond, eTwinning can be used as a platform to share knowledges and designs. This year I've attempted that, with a 3D printing project with a turkish school: https://twinspace.etwinning.net/42501.
Now, time to work on some ideas for themes and projects with Europeana.

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