terça-feira, 5 de outubro de 2021

EU Codeweek: #ArtCoding


#ArtCoding: a challenge for everyone that feels that STEM needs the Arts. Why not use Codeweek as an opportunity to explore coding and robotics as artistic mediums? So, join us if your Codeweek challenges participants to create something, to code drawings using visual environments (Scratch, Pocket Code, Tynker and so on), Processing, P5.JS, turtle.py;  to build or program drawing and painting robots; manipulate or create intringuing images using AI; coding animations; explore 3D modeling and computational thinking; painting in VR. Join us with the Codeweek for All code, or, more importantly, share your students imaginative coding and other technology-mediated art projects using the #artcoding hashtag. Let's show how technology can create beautiful art?

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